Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Olympic News


Final match: Argentina v. Paraguay
3rd place match: Iraq v. Italy

My picks:
Final match: Argentina
3rd place match: Iraq

Just because I was totally wrong with my last picks, doesn't mean that I will be wrong this time around!

Iraq's success in this year's Olympic games is strongly reminiscient of Croatia's success in France 98 (World Cup - Croatia got 3rd place).


Final match: Brazil v. USA
3rd place match: Germany v. Sweden

My picks:
Final match: This will be one close game. I'll be rooting for the US, but I will not be terribly disappointed if Brazil wins. In fact, it will be good to see a different country up on the medal stand.
3rd place match: Again, this is a tough choice, but I'll go with Germany.

I did much better with my picks for the women!

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