Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Columbus and FCD

Apparently it was to my best interests to have disppeared from the soccer blogosphere and all things MLS for the last few weeks: Columbus apparently sucks. Yikes. So much for the coach firing and hiring; they're currently 6-12-8. On a more positive note, FCD is apparently doing quite well, but that's hardly news - they were one of my main predictions to win the Cup last year. (Then again, I'm hardly known for accurately predicting outcomes.) What else have I missed?

The Zidane drama continues

Let me start this post by saying that yes, I am alive. I do still exist. I've just been living in this alternate universe that revolves around things like work, school, master's thesis research, and little else. According to the BBC, Materazzi breaks Zidane silence. Apparently, assuming that all parties involved are telling the truth, it was a crude comment about Zidane's sister that caused the headbutt. Will the drama ever end?