Saturday, November 19, 2005

News and Views

Ah, the off-season, when there is precious little (in the world of MLS) for me to blog on. But, since this blog is dedicated to MLS, I'll try to stick primarily with MLS-related news and opinions.

The Clean Sheet: Pandomania? This got me thinking; I'm starting to look at the Galaxy the same way that I was raised to look at the NY Yankees and Michigan (can you guess where I was raised?). Come to think of it, that's the way I once thought of DC, back in the days of The Curse (I'm referring to the Crew's past inability to win at RFK). I actually don't really hate DC anymore; what's wrong with me? Oh, and one other thing: what on earth happened to the Golden Goal? I am extremely grateful that MLS chucked the shootouts and count-down timer, but did they really have to chuck the Golden Goal, too?

What now for Keane? And I quote: there are offers on the table from the MLS in America. Please tell me that MLS is not resorting to signing has-been players who quit their own teams in the Premiership. I honestly don't think that MLS has much of a chance of getting him, nor do I necessarily wish for them to sign him. In my opinion, it would be kind of insulting to MLS if Keane signed with them, as if MLS were his last option. (I also happen to be a Man U fan, so take that statement for what it's worth.)

S.J. Earthquakes: The big questions

Countdown to '06

133 days

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Countdown to '06

It looks like it's time to start the official countdown to the first game of '06. (If any math whizzes happen to read this, feel free to correct my math if it's wrong.)

Days until kickoff '06: 139

Cup winner

As you likely already know, LA defeated the Revs 1-0. You probably also know that makes me wrong. Well, at least I accurately predicted which teams would make it to the Cup, and it's not like my team made it anyways. My prediction for next year's winner: Columbus. (I can hope and dream, can't I?)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

News and Views

There are just over 24 hours until the start of the Cup '06, which, unfortunately, I am unable to attend. Here are some articles about the prep for the match:

Veteran midfielders savor shot at Cup
Two captains, one goal: MLS Cup
Galaxy defense finds right time to gel
Time To Crown New Kings...
Frisco is ready for MLS finals

There is a lot of talk in the media about the future of MLS. Here are a few articles that discuss this issue:

Expansion, relocation top league agenda The future should be decided for Major League Soccer in Toronto, San Jose and Kansas City within the next 30 days, Commissioner Don Garber said at the MLS Cup 2005 Media Luncheon Friday at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas. Here's to hoping that they make the right decisions. (Then again, it would be hard to beat their former, uh, shall we say unintelligence, in decisions like the draw-breaking shootouts.)
League in no rush to fill the field Since MLS' architects launched the league in 1996, they haven't neglected the costly lessons of past pro soccer efforts. Specifically, the North American Soccer League (1968-84), which hastened its demise by overly aggressive expansion. So the MLS expansion doctrine is etched in three words: slow and steady. Let's hope that MLS stays that way. I am not under any illusions of MLS being the top league in the world, but, as Kin of Fish said in his October 28 post, where would we be without MLS? I remember the state of soccer in those pre-MLS days, and I certainly have no desire to return to those days.
MLS Future: Which way is it headed?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

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I've updated my list of soccer-related blogs. Go check them out!

News and Views

Joseph fuels Revolution's engine Last I checked, soccer is played by 11 individuals, functioning together as a unit that we English-speakers call a team. Sure, some players may stand out more than others, but that does not negate the fact that, without all 11 men or women functioning together as a unit, the team will go nowhere. Look at the now-defunct NASL. Did the addition of Pele to the roster of the Cosmos (correct me if I'm confusing my teams) help boost interest in the NASL and soccer in general? Soccer is a team sport, and without all its players, coaches, etc., functioning together as a cohesive whole, there will be no success. So why on earth would anyone want to try to pick an MVP? The same also goes for the goal of the match contest. Sure, one person may have done a spectacular job of finishing the attempt, but were it not for the other 10 team members maintaining a good offense and defense, there would have been no attempt to capitalize on.

Los Angeles Galaxy mini bios
New England Revolution mini bios
Hmm, bios of the members of the team. I'm beginning to see a theme to this post.

Donovan still trying to prove his worth Is it a contradiction to link to this article?

The Clean Sheet: In the stands Palace may think that the Galaxy is going to win, but I'm still holding out for the Revs.

MLS Cup 2005 Sold Out I haven't seen this report confirmed on other sites (which may or may not mean anything), but it's still pretty sweet to hear.

Pizza Hut Park ready to be displayed And to think that the Crew started the MLS trend of getting soccer-specific stadiums (as my heart swells with pride).

Crew respond to fans at open forum


I was right!!!!!! The Cup is going to between the Galaxy and the Revs. I made a prediction this year that came true! I'll press my luck a bit further: I'm plugging for the Revs to win.