Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I have been a slacker lately, when it comes to blogging. I guess I just have not found much to blog about! I really need to get back into blogging mode, I guess.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Go read this week's TCS. Oh, and, Tino Palace, if by some really bizarre chance you happen to read this blog, cry me a river. You had to go a whole week without Euro 2004? Poor baby. I didn't get to watch any of it! Never mind that, with my lack of cable or satellite, I can't watch any Euro 2004, let alone any European leagues, let alone MLS (with the occasional exception of a match or two a year), let alone more than a couple World Cup matches during World Cup and Women's World Cup years! Tell me now, what on earth is there on TV at 3 AM that is more important than showing the US playing in the World Cup!!!! At least during most of the year, I am able to prop my feet up on my computer desk, and intently watch MLS matches on my monitor, compliments of MLSnet.com. Right now, however, with the very slow dialup I'm using, I can't even do that!!!!! I have to content myself to reading about the matches on the Web and blogging about them. So, yeah, count yourself lucky, cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it. End of rant. If it's any comfort, the idea of having the US national team play up in Alaska is pretty cool. Highly unlikely, but funny anyways. Besides, you gotta like someone who respects 'keepers!
I've thought about changing the title of this blog to Crew News and Views, since, unfortunately, that is all I have had time to blog about lately. However, since I do blog some on MLS in general, I have decided to keep the title. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

CrewFan's Articles of the Day
Columbus GM Smith steps down. Important Crew news.
Onstad: Racking up the miles. Good article. I like it when players post their thoughts on the MLS site. I guess I like the personal aspect of it.
Learning while teaching: European soccer players soak up Southern charms. Interesting article. It's about a couple British soccer players who taught soccer to kids in the US.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Some articles that caught my eye...

Goodbye, Columbus streak. Ouch! Do you think you can make a harsher title?
Big crowd has some fans dreaming of MLS
Yeah, yeah. I know. I have been a slacker lately, when it comes to blogging. I suppose that is a result of being busy, having less Web time, and being unable to watch any matches, either in person or on TV (don't even get me started on soccer broadcasting on the US - that would be one long rant, which I am sure you do not want to hear!). It looks like the Crew has, once again, fallen in the rankings. At least they are not last in the league; New England holds that distinction. KC and LA appear to be doing quite well, as they are tied for first. Go KC! (Before you get the wrong idea, I am not abandoning my allegiance to Columbus!) On a somewhat unrelated note: just think - we are exactly halfway between (men's) World Cups. Two more years!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I forgot to add this comment to my last post: it would figure that the Crew would make a great comeback when I am out of the country!
First XI: Report card time. Interesting, but good comments and reasoning. My favorite quote (that is, in my biased opinion): The Crew should provide inspiration for every team in MLS. Their unbeaten string of seven games has lifted them out of the basement and into Eastern Conference title contention....They remind me of the '02 Revolution, who rode that mentality to the MLS Cup Final. Given that the Crew started out 0-3-2, they deserve a high mark simply for determination and guts. On another note, since when does anybody get trimester grades? That aside, the article is interesting enough to take the effort to click the link and read it.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Go read this week's The Clean Sheet, if for no other reason than to see this quote: The Columbus Crew is the hottest team in Major League Soccer.
While I was in Japan, I was given the opportunity to teach soccer skills to some kids, which was really cool. I also picked up a few Japanese soccer terms, so, if you are ever in Japan, here's a few words which which to impress your friends:

1. sokka (pronounced: soh-cah) = soccer
2. golu/goru (pronounced: goh-luh/goh-luh - it's kind of confusing, but it's kind of a cross between an r and an l) = goal
3. golukipa/gorukipa (pronounced: goh-loo-key-pah/goh-too-key-pah) = goalkeeper
4. bolu/boru (pronounced: boh-loo/bohroo) = ball
I am now back in the US, so I should, once again, be blogging regularly. Well, Columbus has moved up in the rankings! Yea!

1. LA
2. KC
3. Chicago
4. Columbus (yea!)
5. Metrostars
6. DC
6. San Jose
7. Dallas
8. Colorado
9. New England