Tuesday, November 30, 2004

News and Views

Sampson heads to South and Central America: Scouting trips to bolster roster will include stops at River Plate and Sao Paulo So far, Sampson has failed to redeem himself in the eyes of MLS fans. (OK, so I guess I should not speak for everyone, but he has yet to redeem himself in the eyes of this blogger.) However, the latter half of this past season did actually worsen my opinion of his coaching skills. I believe in giving people second...and third...and fourth chances, but this guy is running out of chances! Maybe he'll make some good changes for next year, but, frankly, I still don't understand why he was brought in while the Galaxy were doing so well!

Fire, AEG and Village of Bridgeview Celebrate Historic Day
After announcing plans for the construction of a world-class stadium for soccer, concerts and special events earlier this year, the Chicago Fire, its parent company, AEG, and the Village of Bridgeview today held the ceremonial groundbreaking for Bridgeview's new $70 million, 20,000-seat sports and entertainment stadium. The venue will house the Major League Soccer team permanently in Chicago's Southland region starting in the Spring of 2006.
Yea for Chicago! I may not be a fan of the Fire, but I remember my excitement when Crew Stadium was built, and as a soccer fan, I see the need for more soccer-specific stadiums in MLS! For more information, see Fire break ground on new stadium complex and Chicago Fire's New Stadium Breaks Ground

Decision obvious for Donovan Good luck to Donovan! I hope that this experience in Germany will be good for him and for American soccer.

Monday, November 29, 2004

News and Views

Connolly: Into the Great Unknown This is about Landon Donovan's move to Germany (finally!). Frankly, I expected to see him playing overseas within a year of the 2002 World Cup! I think the move will be good for him; no offense, but even though the quality of play in MLS is improving, it is still higher in Germany than it is in the USA!

The Clean Sheet: Turkey and me

MLS Expansion Draft: Fire set to lose Ring

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The things you learn on road trips...

I saw something today that I don't know if I have ever seen before: a billboard (actually, there were two, if I remember correctly) for a pro soccer team! Granted, it was for indoor soccer, but I'll take what I can get! The billboard(s) is/are on I70 in St. Louis, Missouri. Apparently, St. Louis has a Major Indoor Soccer League team, named the Steamers. What a name! (Thank Google for that info - I had completely forgotten about the existence of MISL!).

Sunday, November 21, 2004

News and Views

Yes, your AWOL blogger is back (for now, anyways). As you probably already know, my pick for the Cup (KC) lost to DC. Anyways, here is your MLS news:

View from the Cheap Seats: Draft this! This certainly is a unique view of the draft!

Torres, Williams first picks in 2004 expansion draft

Wynalda: Pins and needles

What a way to end the season

Saturday, November 06, 2004

News and Views

D.C. wins thrilling MLS final

United boot New England from MLS playoffs

In a Thriller, United Prevails

Wizards have plenty left in the tank

And the MLS Cup will be between...

DC and KC. (The Cup will be on the 14th.) My pick is KC for three rather shallow reasons: 1) I've kind of rooted for KC ever since they started a season really badly some years ago; 2) I rememember "The Curse" (when it took Columbus a few years to actually when against DC United at RFK); and 3) KC, geographically, is the MLS city closest to where I now live. My loyalties still lie with Columbus, but I'll be rooting for KC in the Cup (just don't expect me to root for KC when they play the Crew next year!).

News and Views

View from the Cheap Seats: Streakshow
To hear New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis explain it, you'd think playing goalkeeper in the playoffs and stopping penalty kicks in all-or-nothing matches is as easy as throwing dice.

"Well, they weren't the greatest PKs, and I think both [Ross] Paule and [Tony] Sanneh would admit that," Reis said the other day about the two penalties he saved last week against the Columbus Crew. "I just kind of read their body language and went with it."

Now, you and I know this is just after-the-fact bull, because you and I have tried to save penalty kicks before and failed miserably. Furthermore, we've tried to read body language before and ended up with a drink in our face.
I have yet to meet a goalkeeper who actually enjoys defending against PKs and whose ability to block PKs relies on more than mere luck. Read their body language? Pul-leaze! I have yet to meet a goalkeeper (myself included) who actually enjoys defending against PKs and who relies on more than luck to do so!

The Clean Sheet: Poll positions Good article.

Checking out the foliage

The Cup is coming...

and, figures, life has kept me very busy lately! It also figures that my Crew would have to get out! NNNNNNNooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I'm kind of over it now. At least KC will be in the Cup, so I can kind of root for them! Columbus will go to the Cup one of these years...I hope. As for the two teams remaining in the Eastern Conference, I don't particulary like either one of them. New England destroyed the Crew's hopes for this year, and, well, I still remember "The Curse" (the Crew went through the first several seasons of the league without winning a single match at RFK Stadium in DC). That said, I'll cheer for KC in the match, although my cheering will be mixed with disappointment. Columbus came close...so close...sigh.