Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chivas v. Revs

Final score: Revs 1 : Chivas USA 0

It was a good, hard-fought match on both sides. I like the Revs (well, whenever they aren't playing the Crew!), but last-ranked Chivas USA, as the definite underdog so far this year, was my personal pick. I didn't expect Chivas to win, but I was hoping they would. They played hard, but not well enough. And, as a Crew fan, I can definitely feel their pain.

To switch subjects, am I the only person who is thoroughly sick of hearing "classico"?

On a completely different note, I rather liked the commercial, where everyone in a mall starts to play a soccer - it might have been a food wrapper, but I couldn't really tell.

Chivas v. Revs

Right after I wrote that last post, the Revs scored. Still, that does not negate my statement about parity being a good thing.

Chivas v. Revs

Remember my statement in my previous post about parity being a good thing? 84 minutes into the Chivas/Revs match, it is still a scoreless draw. Not to state the obvious, but it has been an exciting match, with no team clearly coming out on top. Have you ever watched a team trounce on its opponent, by, say, 10 goals or more? I have, and it is not a pretty sight. A scoreless draw, on the other hand, is exciting.

News and Views

The Clean Sheet: Parity is so 2004 Here's a statement I disagree with: It says here MLS will be a more exciting product if there are a couple teams that distance themselves from the outset as the class of the league. What?!?!? When a few teams are able to distance themselves from the rest, the result is predictability. Predictability = boring; parity = excitement. The volatility of last year's rankings increased interest, as no one knew, from one match to the next, who would come out on top. Strike number two against Palace is this statement: The best thing for MLS in 2005 would be for L.A. and/or Dallas to run away with the West, and likewise D.C. and/or the Revs in the East. No, Palace; the best thing for MLS is for the Crew to (finally) come out on top! (OK, ok, so I'm biased, but so is Palace!)

First XI: Let's get it started Here, Bradley counts down the top 11 slow starts in MLS history. My personal favorite is #7.

A Tale of Two Teams

Preki: Ready ... and waiting

Fans rally in support of Wizards

Galaxy defense on guard vs. FCD

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


1. FC Dallas
2. Chicago
2. New England
3. Columbus
3. LA
4. San Jose
5. Colorado
5. DC
5. KC
5. Real Salt Lake
6. Metrostars
7. Chivas USA

If the Cup were to be played today, it would be between FC Dallas and Chicago or New England. Dallas (3-0-1) seems to be having a pretty strong season so far, so they would be my pick to win the Cup. This fall, it will be interesting to see how accurate my predictions are! Frankly, I am a bit disappointed with the Crew's performance so far, even though they have only played 4 matches. Still, a 2-2-0 record isn't very good, and the one Crew match that I have managed to see this year was not pretty. I will not stop supporting the Crew if they continue poorly, even after I move to Dallas later this year (I've spent the last several years in KC territory, and that hasn't dimished my support any), but I still want to see the Crew play to their full potential!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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Balboa, Harkes and Ramos comprise Class of '05 I have to agree with the selections for the Class of '05. All three were good players in their own rights and have made a positive impact on American soccer. Not that any of them will read this blog, but I'm going to say this anyways: Congratulations!

Player of the Week goes to Crew's Busch Too bad I had to miss Saturday's game! Yea for Busch!

That's why Mathis is here


1. FC Dallas
2. Columbus
3. Chicago
3. DC
3. KC
3. New England
3. Real Salt Lake
4. LA
5. Metrostars
5. San Jose
6. Chivas USA
6. Colorado

If the Cup were to be played today, it would be between Columbus (yea!) and FC Dallas.

Monday, April 11, 2005


1. Dallas
1. DC
1. New England
2. Columbus
2. KC
2. LA
3. San Jose
4. Chicago
4. Chivas USA
4. Colorado
4. Metrostars
4. Salt Lake

If the Cup were to be played today, it would be between DC or New England and Dallas. Before Saturday's matches, I expected DC to be up there, but I'm a bit surprised to see New England and Dallas up there. However, as much as it pains me to say it, New England did play well against the Crew. The Crew really need to work on both their offense and their defense. To put it bluntly, their playing stunk during the second half against the Revs. Still, we're only two games into the season, so it's still too early to tell who will come out on top this fall.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Crew/Revs match

The Revs scored again! Argh! Remember what I said about Columbus needing to tighten up their defense? That statement still holds true. Columbus played a decent first half, but something must have happened during halftime; their playing has seriously suffered in the second half.

Crew/Revs match

I just had to say it. *Shakes head in sadness.* (The Revs scored again.)

Crew/Revs match

This is depressing. The Crew have to be the biggest underachievers in MLS (I say this as a dedicated Crew fan). They aren't playing terribly right now, but neither are they playing to their potential. Granted, the Revs have the home pitch advantage, but I still wish that my Crew would tighten up the defense and strengthen the offense. They have about 10 minutes to tie the game; let's see if they can do it.

News and Views

I just realized today that I haven't blogged in about a week! I have been very busy lately, but I still need (want) to keep up with my blogging. I'm watching the Crew/Revs match as I type (broadband rocks!), so this post is taking me a while to type.

The Cheap Seats: The ReAL deal I have yet to see seen Salt Lake play, so I can't comment on their playing style. However, I take issue with this one non-soccer related comment: (You can keep Cleveland, Drew Carey. Cleveland doesn't rock.) Cleveland isn't that bad of a city. Besides, it's only several hours from the city that hosts the best team in MLS (I admit it; I'm a bit biased).

Last gasp goal gives Chivas USA a point

Saturday, April 02, 2005

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I'm currently watching the Revs/San Jose match, though I managed to miss the first half (and all the other matches that were played today).

Western Conference preview for '05

Chivas USA's loss a case for defense
All-Mexican Chivas USA is changing the face of soccer
Expansion club has work to do
Despite all the hype, Chivas lost their first match 2-0. Real Salt Lake did a bit better, in their scoreless draw against the Metrostars. However, the best news of all is that Columbus beat the Galaxy 3-0!

Countdown '05

Days until kickoff: 0!