Wednesday, December 29, 2004

On a much more serious note, my condolences and empathies (is that even a word? it is now!) go out to those who were killed, injured, and/or lost friends, family members, and possessions in the earthquakes and tsunamis. My heart truly aches for you in your pain and loss. You are in my prayers. Not to be trite, but God deeply loves you. Look to God for the answers to your questions. He is the only One capable of comforting you.

News and Views

News from the world of MLS:

View from the Cheap Seats: All I want You really need to read this article! These are the "Christmas wishes" from various people around MLS. All I'm saying is that they're funny. If you want to know more, you have to check out this article for yourself!

The Clean Sheet: Poetic injustice

Thursday, December 23, 2004

News and Views

If you ever find yourself taking your broadband connection (on a computer running Win XP) for granted, try using a 56K dialup (on a computer running Win 98). Believe me, there is nothing like that to cure a lack of gratitude. It is also a very good way to kill your desire to blog. After all, even computer techies like me don't want to spend lots of time surfing and blogging on a slow connection. Still, I can't help myself and feel an overwhelming desire to blog. (Just don't expect loads of links - after all, I do have my limits!) So, here goes...

First XI: Most intriguing Eric Wynalda made the list. Interesting. Bruce Arena, too - and he isn't even affiliated with MLS! (OK, I'll give you his controversial comment earlier in the year. However, this article doesn't even reference that. Go figure).

Connolly: Keep feeling fascination Same idea as the previous article, and he, too, mentions Arena. Can somebody tell me what is up with these guys? Arena is no longer a part of MLS!

Full slate to mark start of 2005 season

Torres: We're all getting adjusted

Monday, December 13, 2004

News and Views

It's a slow day in the MLS world, but here's what I've pulled up on the web:

Mathis set to return to MLS from Germany Too bad it didn't work out. However, this just goes to show that MLS is still not among the top pro leagues in the world.

Fans and players left hanging: Kansas City sale shock comes out of the Blue This isn't news, but it is another perspective on what I blogged about yesterday.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Christmas Countdown

Days until Christmas: 13

News and Views

The Clean Sheet: Disappearing act?

Agoos season opens for MetroStars

The Cheap Seats: Off-and-on-season Believe me, if what Lalas says about the Chivagirls is correct, you do not want to see my wrath! One, it is very demeaning to women (women are more than eye candy!), and two, this is MLS, not the NFL! Stop trying to be like the NFL! *Glares.*

Friday, December 03, 2004

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Christmas Countdown

Please pardon my temporary deviation from MLS-related blogging, but I want to do this. Don't worry; it's for less than a month!

Days until Christmas: 23

News and Views

Young talent to show skills at combine The article starts out: The cream of the college soccer crop... *Winces* No offense, but that is a rather pathetic pun! Anyways, read this article; some of these guys may be the future stars of MLS and interntional soccer. I am rooting for four of them, simply because they played at schools in my home state or in the state where I now live.

Cheap Seats: Taking down the nets The only remedy for offseason-itis is to play the actual game. I'll play anytime, anywhere. I couldn't have said it better myself! Come to think of it, I've said the same thing (in my own words, of course) many times before! Nothing cures football (soccer) fever better than, well, actually playing the game! For that matter, playing is a far better "remedy" than simply watching, discussing, and blogging. Now where did I put that ball? Oh wait - I have how many papers to finish writing? I guess I'll have to wait for now.

The Worldwide Passion - The American Dream Insightful article about the state of soccer (including MLS) in the US.
Whether you prefer to call it Soccer’s Siberia or the Land that Football Forgot, the United States of America has long been football’s last frontier. Meanwhile fans in the U.S. have a dream that the game will become mainstream in their country.
Unfortunately, this is true.
Media coverage or lack thereof is perhaps one of the greatest obstacles that football faces in the new millennium.
Ditto my last comment!

The Clean Sheet: Stoking the Fire Fire fans won't like this article, but fans of any other teams will!

Chicago Fire Scarf contest This isn't official news or views, but I found it a bit interesting, though I must say that entry #AA04 is the lousiest entry!