Saturday, August 21, 2004

MLS News and Views

Sampson era opens in L.A. vs. Fire

Red-hot Crew welcome United, Adu Adu is a part of United! The fact that DC is playing implies that Adu will be there! He is no more important than anyone else on the team! Duh! Soccer is a team sport!

Wynalda: The buzz in Los Angeles

Gaven getting wired: Busy week

First XI: Taking a stand. One more comment on this article:
11) Closeness of teams in the rankings means that the teams are evenly matched. Evenly matched teams make for way more exciting soccer. Hey, I'm just thankful that the horrible tie-breaking shootouts have been finally done away with!

San Antonio's soccer dreams: The city's mayor wants his legacy to be the addition of a MLS team

D.C. United falls apart on the road

Q&A with Wizards midfielder Preki

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