Monday, August 30, 2004

MLS News

Sigi speaks out. Sigi Schmid's view on his firing. As always, I like to see both sides of the story, so this article is a must-read!

Ten MLS stars called in for qualifiers OK, so this is more about the men's national team, but oh well.

Pavon: O'Brien building his name on U.S. stage. On a very minor note, I find it interesting that Pavon refers to defender Perez as a fullback (the sentence following PEREZ LEFT HANGING?.

The Emergence of a Prodigy Yeah, yeah, I know. This is yet another article about Adu. This one is somewhat worth reading, though I do not highly recommend it. Still, it is MLS news, and therefore I am linking to it.

Dallas' O'Brien named MLS Player of the Week

Crew Can't Close Gap On MetroStars

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