Thursday, August 05, 2004

Newsworthy tidbits from the world of MLS (and my views on them!)

Donovan suspended for dissent

MLS main course has arrived. Interesting article on what to expect for the duration of the season.

Rochester's Cup Run Ends. OK, so this isn't MLS news. However, if you have read much of my previous posts, you probably know how I feel about Rochester. As far as I am concerned, anything on Rochester is fair game for this blog! :)

MLS Fines 5, Suspends 1. More info on the first article mentioned in this post.

Soccer on Home Plates: D.C. United seeks representation on Va. cars. Interesting. Enough said.

What a great way to start your day. MLS players on cereal boxes. Sweet deal! (Sorry; that was lame. *ducks flying objects*) It is about time that MLS got this level of recognition! Now if they can only put MLS players on boxes of Wheaties...

The Clean Sheet: What do I know?

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