Thursday, August 19, 2004

MLS News and Views

When Costa Rican eyes are smiling. Apparently, I am not the only MLS writer talking about the Olympics on a MLS forum. :)

The Clean Sheet: As the Planet turns. Good article. I like what he says about Sampson, and although he did succeed in getting the US to France 98, I was horribly unimpressed with the US's ability to finish well the the Cup that year. Let's just say that I am glad he is not coaching for the Crew! I believe that all coaches, players, and people in general deserve second chances; this is his second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, both small and big. Some of them cause embarrassment to the US men's national soccer program, until the US was able to save face in Korea 02. What Sampson does with his second chance is up to him. He has a whole lot of pressure on him to do well; die-hard soccer fans can be very unforgiving. Sampson, good luck. You have a tough job ahead of you, but it is possible to redeem yourself. (Just don't coach the Crew!)

First XI: Taking a stand. Very good article.
10) Interesting point.
8) Exactly!
7) Duh! The way I see it, American media has given MLS less credit as the seasons have passed.
2) Interesting.

Galaxy Appoints New Coach

US warms to the world game. Fascinating article on the status of US pro soccer.

Crew Unbeaten Streak Reaches 8. Go Crew! :D

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