Thursday, July 22, 2004

News and Views of the Day:

Crew land Szetela in draft lottery. "I'm happy. I'm hoping to start my career, to become a star in the U.S. and to help make soccer bigger here," said Szetela. Am I the only one who glared at the screen while reading that quote??????????? Whatever happened to, *gasp,* playing for love of the game? Do not take me for a naive fool; I know that professional sports are all about money. However, that by no means justifies the motivation. Face it: a soccer game (or any sporting event, for that matter) that is played by people who truly love the game and are playing for love of the game is way more exciting than a game played by people who are in it purely for the money. That is true of nearly every profession or activity: those who have a passion for whatever the job/activity is will perform better and enjoy it more. Still, as someone who has never played professionally, I am hardly one to judge. Anyways, you so do not want to get me started on that soapbox. Help make soccer bigger in the US? Sorry, bud, but if Pele of all people could not make soccer the #1 sport in the US, you probably cannot, either. I am not saying that soccer will never be the top sport in the US: what I am saying is that it will take a collective effort, from the grassroots level up through the pros, to make soccer attractive and popular in the US. You do not want to get me started on that soapbox, either. End of rant. Moving on...
D.C.'s Convey transferred to Reading FC of English first divison. Cool stuff. Congratulations and good luck, Convey! (Not that he will ever read this, but, yeah.)
Anyways, that is all for now, folks! Happy reading!

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