Thursday, December 08, 2005

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Walsh: Scheduling A Break Can anyone explain to me what on earth possessed MLS to keep scheduling games during the World Cup? My guess is that it is a vestige from the stupid-decision-making period at the beginning of MLS - you know, the period when they did things like break all draws with shootouts. And, I don't about you, but I don't even so much as pay the slightest bit of attention to MLS when the World Cup is in session, and that is completely regardless of whether or not the USA or any other country that I am rooting for is still in it. This is coming from a pretty hard-core MLS supporter.

Commissioner joins sports youth talk This made me think: I wonder if the whole Freddy Adu hype has anything to do with the media hoping that they'll have the distinction of being the first to report on the future Pele...just a thought.

FC Dallas players lend a hand

Quakes fans rally to show support

Teams, players planning for draw

Matthaeus tied to U.S. team's fate


maradawga said...

The reason MLS plays through the World Cup is that not all the teams (in fact not even most teams) control the stadiums in which they play, meaning scheduling is ridiculously difficult. Combine that with a new venue and losing five - six weeks when we're only missing 20 - 30 players doesn't make sense.

This way while the World Cup is going on teams can have watch parties and draw in fans who are excited by the action on the field. It's not as bad as people are making it seem.

Crew Fan said...

You do have a very good point, and MLS probably can't handle shutting down for the entire duration of the Cup...but I still don't watch MLS matches during the World Cup.