Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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Chivas USA gaining new mentality This article begins with the following statement:
After one week as boss of Chivas USA, Hans Westerhof has made his mark on the club.
The article then ends with this statement:
In the end, players said that the best way to boost confidence and mental fitness is by winning. "We're six points out of making the playoffs and we've got 20 points to go. The West is not very strong. We still have a chance. We're not mathematically out this at all," Hendrickson said. "I try my best to keep the guys positive and keep the morale of the team up. We're just six points away from being in fourth place. It's not over yet."
I agree. They just need to win. Now how they will win is the tricky part.

The Cheap Seats: Riding the sub way My reason for linking to this article is the fact that it is funny. If you need more incentive, the first paragraph reads: his past Sunday, I played a reserve match for the New England Revolution against the Kansas City Wizards. I'll let the snickering subside while I give you a little bit of backstory. Go read.

United Will Get A New Owner

Six more added to Hall

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