Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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West Coast Bias: More changes coming This article begins with an interesting statement: Okay, so maybe Thomas Rongen was not Chivas USA's problem after all. The expansion club has played twice since essentially sacking Rongen and status quo has reigned supreme. Maybe yes; maybe no. Even if Rongen truly was the problem, it will probably take more than a couple matches for the team to start playing at a higher level. Also, remember what happened to LA after their mid-season coaching switch last year; it may take a while for Chivas USA to adjust to a new coach.

Lalas: Everyone's A Critic Landon Donovan had something interesting to say:
"I play best when I’m happy off the field," Donovan told The New York Times. after the US beat Costa Rica on Saturday. "People can complain all they want about me not playing in Europe, not playing at the highest level, but I’m going to play a lot better being happy here. And they’re going to see that."
Although I do think that Europe (as well as the majority of the rest of the world) has a higher level of playing than in the US, I do like Donovan's reasoning. Furthermore, if he really is telling the truth, well, that is a very admirable statement to make.

Donovan's career back on track after return to U.S.A. This article is also along the same lines as the previous one.
"I think Landon kind of shuts down as a person when he's not happy," Kajlich said. "He's definitely a different person now."
League owners complete meetings

Something's amiss: World Cup qualifying leaves MLS lacking firepower

Depth is an issue for teams in MLS

L.A.'s Donovan leads All-Star voting Don't forget to keep voting!

Crew add Wolyniec

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