Friday, April 09, 2004

MLS news:
D.C., L.A. meet in HDC showdown
Wynalda: Building Traditions
Good article by Eric Wynalda, whose opinions, for the record, I respect. It was pretty funny to read his side of the story, so to speak. He mentions the things that soccer fans have had to complain about in past years in MLS: bad stadiums, bad weather, broadcasting issues, the shootout, overtime, overpaid underachieving players. You name it - we've had it in the first nine years of MLS. Ok, ok, I'll 'fess up! I've complained about all of these things, and, now with this blog, I have a (potentially) bigger audience to "listen" to my complaints. :) These fans want our game in the U.S. to resemble what is happening across the pond, and you know what, that’s OK.... What they have is hundreds of years of tradition and culture, years of hating neighboring towns just because of the soccer club they support. Our clubs happen to be hundreds of miles apart, not four blocks away. Personally, although I would love to see some of those rivalries (soccer fans outside of the US rock!), that is not the reason behind any of my complaints! My only complaint, if you want to call it that, is the quality of play (as well as everything in Wynalda's list that I quoted above) in MLS. As dedicated a fan of MLS as I am, I think that the quality of play is still not at the top of the sport. It is certainly good, and it has certainly improved. However, it is not where it could be.

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