Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekly standings

I've decided to take a different approach to the stats this week. In the past, I've ranked teams based on their total of points. However, the results are skewed when you consider that not all teams have played the same number of games at a given point in time. For example, at the time of this posting, FC Dallas has 14 GP under their belt, while LA has only 9. Therefore, I have decided to rank teams based upon their percentage of the games that they have 1) won and 2) tied. (Yes, I realize that others have probably been doing this for a long time, but I am only a wannabe statistician.) The results are the following:

1. Kansas City
2. New York
3. Chivas USA
3. D.C. United
4. FC Dallas
5. New England
6. Houston
7. Toronto FC
8. Colorado
9. Chicago
10. Los Angeles
11. Columbus
12. Real Salt Lake

Compare that to the stats, as done my old way:

1. FC Dallas
2. New York
3. Kansas City
4. New England
5. D.C. United
5. Chivas USA
6. Houston
7. Colorado
8. Chicago
9. Toronto FC
10. Los Angeles
11. Columbus
11. Real Salt Lake

Done the new way, KC (#3 in points, but with a 60% win record), is now ranked over FC Dallas (#1 in points, but with a 50% win record). It also points out the rather painful positions of Columbus (1 win, 9% win record) and Real Salt Lake (0 wins, 0% win record). Ouch.

And finally, in keeping with tradition, if the Cup were to be played today, it would be between KC and Chivas USA, with KC having the edge in percentage of games won.


Steve said...

Or, just use points/game:

  1 Kansas City 2.00
  2 New York 1.75
  3 New England 1.73
T4 Chivas USA 1.70
T4 D.C. United 1.70
  6 FC Dallas 1.57
  7 Houston 1.45
  8 Colorado 1.25
  9 Toronto FC 1.18
10 Chicago 1.17
11 Los Angeles 1.00
12 Columbus 0.82
13 Real SLake 0.55

Crew Fan said...

Didn't think of that, but I do like that idea. Thanks.