Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why you should root for DCU

Don’t have a favorite MLS team yet? Pick DC United. DCU is the most superb team in MLS today, and is by far the best team that one can possibly root for. Why? Let me count the ways:

1. None of their coaches ever make crazy comments about sending their opponents to the hospital.

2. They have guys like Moreno, who earlier tonight celebrated his 100th goal.

3. They have some very good, dedicated fans and fan groups, who help give DCU a consistently good turnout at matches.

4. They are not named after some soft drink that makes me think of matadors.

5. They still have their original name (think about it - not many teams can claim that distinction!).

6.They have some wicked awesome goal celebrations - spitting out Red Bull after scoring against RBNY? Priceless.

7. They are not coached by some guy named Sampson.

8. They have Adu. (Did I just say that? Not sure if this is the right list for that one...)

9. They have several MLS Cups under their belt, which is more than what I can say for the Most Under-Achieving Team in America.

10. They are at the top of the Eastern Conference at the moment, which is a position that is not at all foreign to them.

11. They were the Bruce’s proving grounds before the USSF tapped him to take the USMNT head coach position.

12. They do not give up five, yes, five, goals to their opponents in a single match. (Don’t even get me started on that one!)

What is there not to like? DCU is, by far, the best team out there in MLS today. Did I just hear you right? Did you just say that you would rather watch the Premiership or the World Cup, than watch and root for DCU? Ha! None of those have anything on DC!


D said...

Well played sir. Although, of course, our coach did say "Send him to hospital" but we'll ignore that for now. The rest is most satisfactory, and I look forward to our next transaction.

I-66 said...

Much honor is had in the land of the Crew.

Gaffer said...

Well played, sir.

Crew Fan said...

Although, of course, our coach did say "Send him to hospital" but we'll ignore that for now.

Oh, I'm fully aware that he did make that statement; I fully remember that whole controversy. It was just my way of taking an indirect jab at DCU.