Saturday, May 01, 2004

I haven't had a chance to blog the past couple days, but I did bookmark some pages that I wanted to blog on. Hopefully I will remember what I wanted to say!

Wynalda: Time will tell for Adu, Nowak. There's nothing really noteworthy in this article (sorry, Wynalda!), but it is somewhat interesting if you have spare time to read it. If you're short on time, the next two articles are way better.

View from the cheap seats: Motley Crew. Very interesting article about this year's Crew. Go read.

The Clean Sheet: It's in the cards. The article is subtitled: "MLS got it right, now FIFA wants to make changes." This is probably the best of the three articles I'm linking to in this post. I need to be studying or I'd comment more. I leave it at this: it is a must-read.

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